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Sony cameras have always been one step ahead of all companies when it comes to speed of releasing new cameras. It tells us that Sony is trully listening to their community of photographers and they really want to lead the market of photo video digital cameras. We particularly like the Sony Alpha One / A1, so we’re looking for sony a1 case, and anything that we could find in the sony a1 book. It’s an amazing piece of equipment, and we can only thank the sony a1 shooters for sharing their ideas and experience with this camera. Any sony a9 accessories would work on the A1. We don’t use a sony a1 screen protector but you could have it in case you travel to extreme places, like near vulcanos or rainforests. Sure we love and trully we don’t see a need of a sony a1 ii. It’s just that good.
Sony A1 in action is what we like to see. It’s not an FX6 or a Venice, but it does almost the same job.
Canon on the hand, has a different aproach. To get on a canon authorized dealers list it’s a more tedious process. To sell a canon printer it’s not a bid deal, but to have a whole canon customer service department requires a lot more cash flow. On the canon website we hopped we could find more info, but wasn’t the case. Take a look for yourself.

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